Spend over £30 and we will pay your postage and packaging to the UK (we also post to Europe)

Spend over £30 and we will pay your postage and packaging to the UK (we also post to Europe)

Naked Organic Body Butter

Organic Naked Body Butter

The start of another busy day.

You’ve just got out of the shower and you’re squeaky clean. Where’s your Nadarra Body Butter? There it is. It’s the one in the re-cyclable glass jar that (we hope) takes pride of place in your bathroom. Fragrance Free.

What a great way to start your day. We offer a range of 100% organic hand-blended body butters that are suitable for all skin types. In particular, if you have dry or sensitive skin these are products that won’t irritate your skin. Or, horrify you with a scary list of ingredients.

THIS is what you’ve been looking for, but never found. Until now.

We mean natural

Unlike synthetic products, Nadarra’s body butters truly are totally natural. Natural? Normally, the word “natural” is pretty meaningless and we’d avoid it. But not here.

We stand by our principles and really mean what we say:

  • No chemicals
  • No preservatives
  • No stabilisers
  • No parabens
  • No fillers, alcohol or animal products. No, no, no.

But a great big YES to ingredients that include:

  • Organic beeswax, offering a strong protective barrier to your skin
  • Organic, unrefined shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil

How to Use

As usual, we’ll advise you that a little goes a long way. Just use a small amount. No, less than that. Honestly, you’ll need loads less than you think you do, so these are very economical products.

Apply your body butter in gentle circles onto arms, legs, feet, shoulders – anywhere that could benefit from the soothing touch of one of the best things we’ve ever created.

You’ll love this body butter. It’s intensive, nourishing, rich and, we think, an essential part of your self-care regime. Embrace your inner Goddess (or God) for silky smooth skin.

One word: Lush. Totally and absolutely…lush.

Actually, we quite like “unctuous”, too.   And now. Enjoy your day.

Please note that our products are not suitable for children.   Are you pregnant? Hurrah. However, don’t forget to check with your GP that using essential oils is OK.

Carefully selected ingredients include:- 

Organic unrefined shea butter to deeply moisturise, repair and nourish your skin. Great for dry skin conditions.

Organic unrefined coconut oil nourishes and protects your skin.

Organic jojoba oil deeply moisturises, soothes and nourishes the skin. 

Organic bee's wax helps provide a barrier on the skin to protect from the elements. 

The body butter smells so good you might want to eat it, but please don't.


100 % money back guarantee.

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