We are Back - Thank You for your patience

We are Back - Thank You for your patience

Why Shop at Nadarra??

 Why Nadarra?


100% organic natural ingredients

It’s worth repeating: we do not use, nor will we ever use chemicals, preservatives, SLS, parabens, stabilisers, fillers or artificial ingredients of any sort.

Our products contain 100% active natural ingredients, including essential oils. It’s in our name: Nadarra means “natural” in Celtic (our family heritage), so a biological, environmental and ecological focus underpins everything we do.

This is a skincare collection that feeds your skin naturally. The way mother nature intended, you could say.

Our products have been designed with sensitive skins in mind

We’re not going to promise that our skincare will solve all the problems associated with sensitive skin. No skin care business can promise that. But, Margaret Sinclair, the owner of Nadarra created the range to address her sensitive skin – and it worked for her. No more flare ups, or allergic reactions to posh skin creams. Marvellous.

This works for our customers and it could work for you.

A little goes a long, long way

With all our products, you may find that you over-use them to start with. Why? Because everyone does. We’re all used to slathering on more moisturiser, more body cream, more shampoo etc because the fillers within them deliver a lighter, go-further texture.

With Nadarra skincare, you’ll be using infinitely less product. Loads less, in fact. They’re intensely packed with active ingredients so just use a tiny amount to start with, then a little more if you need to. But you probably won’t need to.

It’s a great money-saver.

We’re looking out for our world

We value the world around us. In our opinion, we’ve only got one chance to get it right. Once lost, whole swathes of our natural habitats are gone for ever and this will not do. We’re sure you agree.

Therefore, we work hard to minimise the impact on our environment.

From our packaging – glass jars and recycled packing materials – through to our working partners and suppliers, and of course our ingredients, we’re looking to be as sustainable and ethical as we possibly can be.

Please note that our products are not suitable for children.   Are you pregnant? Congratulations. However, don’t forget to check with your GP that using essential oils is OK. Also note that this product is for external use only.