We are Back - Thank You for your patience

We are Back - Thank You for your patience

Our Story

About Nadarra

Nadarra Cosmetics is a range of 100% organic and natural skin care products, designed for today’s health and wellbeing-focused women and men.

My name is Margaret Sinclair and my skin and body care collection is for people like you. Busy, caring individuals concerned about what you put on your skin, and your lifestyle in general. People, in effect, who want something natural, more plant-based, but without chemicals.  

And, of course, who give careful thought to our environment.

Is this you? Nadarra is here. Nadarra is for you.

How Nadarra Came About

I’ve always been a practical, curious person; keen to work things out. As a small child, my mantra “I’ll do it myself” informed my early years. It still does, really.

When examining closely the ingredients of many, many skincare products I was shocked to discover just how many chemical nasties were in them. No surprises, then, that even the high-end face and body creams often irritated by eczema prone skin.

The solution? To make my own. Just for me! Well, that’s how it started. In my kitchen, with pipettes and petri dishes galore. Now, my products are in many people’s bathrooms, in health food shops and spas. The word is out about Nadarra.

I only create and sell products I love. I hope that you will love them, too.

Important Things for You to Know.

Nadarra’s range is:

  • Vegetarian-friendly. I’m working on a vegan range.


  • Never, ever, ever tested on animals. I love animals. I have four cats, you know.


  • Hand-blended in small batches to ensure quality standards.


  • Sold in fully recyclable, reusable glass containers. Why not wash them out and use them to store your little bits and pieces?


  • Full of ingredients that are there for a reason. For example, an oil may be anti-inflammatory to calm your skin, or anti-bacterial to help clear up spots. Not a filler or preservative in sight.


  • Available in a “naked” range of scent-free face balms, body butters and lip balms. Perfect for those with essential oil allergies, children or pregnant ladies.


  • Fully chemically assessed by a registered chemist.


Nadarra Cosmetics does everything right. Skincare must be safe, so we operate by the book. We hold the highest standards of professionalism and have all the appropriate chemical assessments and insurance certificates hanging on our walls.