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Our Story

We wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves, our company and tell you a little about how we ended up starting our own business creating beautiful, organic skin care products.
We are based in Sussex and are a family run business. We all have an interest in natural health and wellness. Many years ago we realised that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we eat as it is all absorbed into the body. This was when we started to look more closely into the ingredients in our skincare products. We were shocked at the amount of chemicals, preservatives and fillers present. When we started to look around at what products were available they were limited, of poor quality and often irritated our skin.
  As we could not find skincare products of a good enough quality without chemicals, we started to make them ourselves. With a lot of trial and error we started to create some beautiful products for ourselves which we loved. 
Our friends would ask us what we were using on our skin as it looked so good and smelt so nice. When we explained it was our own products, they asked to try some, then some more.. then to buy some for their friends and family. That is when we knew we had something special. We decided we wanted to share these wonderful organic products with like minded people and the rest of the world
So we created Nadarra Cosmetics. 
Inspired by nature, made with love.   
Beautiful ingredients make beautiful products.
We believe this care and consideration, with a huge dollop of love, makes our products some of the best out there.
Our products leave your skin feeling beautiful, soft and glowing with health.
Our products do not contain stabilisers, fillers, alcohol, preservatives or animal products. They are vegetarian friendly.
We are working on a vegan line so everyone can happily enjoy.
We hand make in small batches to ensure quality.
We only want the be best to go out to our customers.
We offer a no quibble, 100% money back guarantee if people are not happy.
That is how much we believe in our products.
We only sell products we love. This is truly important to us.
Our Philosophy
Nadarra is the celtic word for natural.
We value our world around us. We only get one planet.
We work hard to ensure our impact on the earth is as small as possible.
Here at Nadarra Cosmetics our aim is to be as sustainable as possible. Our products have to be good for us, good for the people who make the ingredients and have minimum impact on the environment. 
To achieve this we aim to buy high quality organic products to make sure the people who make our delicious ingredients get a fair price.
Recycling is key. Everything that can be recycled in production is. Also, all of our packaging is recyclable and we encourage our customers to do so.
No Testing on Animals
We don't. We never will. The end.
As animal lovers (we have 2 cats!!) we could not even think of it.
We test them on ourselves first. If they pass that test our lucky, honest and patient friends and family test them next.
The winning products are then sent to be chemically tested and authorised as per EU regulations. All our products abide by EU rules and regulations for cosmetic production and supply.
Quality and safety are hugely important to us.
We advise any products with essential oils should be avoided by children and pregnant women. Just in case. Though if you check with the GP and they say ok....great, enjoy!
When all that has been done it is time to let you enjoy them.
Please feel free to contact us to let us know what you think, click on the 'Contact Us' page and say hi.

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