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About Us

We wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves, our company and tell you a little about how we ended up starting our own business creating beautiful, organic skin care products.
Margaret is the founder. She got us into this. By training she an osteopath. As an osteopath she works with people to improve their health and wellbeing naturally. 
We all know that what we put in our body is important, less junk and chemicals, more organic and wholefoods. An extension of this is what we put on our bodies.
One day Margaret looked at what was in her deodorant and moisturisers. She found that it was chock full of chemicals. She was putting this stuff on my skin to be absorbed into her body. Gross.
So Margaret started looking for a better way. Her quest for chemical free, healthy alternatives started. She tried all sorts of deodorants, crystals, sprays, they all failed. Some spectacularly (sorry patients). Margaret found that the moisturisers would irritate her sensitive skin. As she could not find better, so she decided to make it herself.
After a lots of trial and error Margaret succeeded in making gorgeous body butters, lip balms, hair products and face creams. The trick was to keep the recipes simple, only use ingredients that has a huge benefit to the skin. If it does not do something amazing for the skin, it does not get included. No fillers, no nonsense. Key to these beautiful products is to only use the best quality ingredients she could find. Only organic would do from now on.
People started to ask why Margaret was smelling so nice, compliments about her skin came in thick and fast. It was soft, clear and radiating health. When she explained that she made her own skin care products, they asked Margaret to make some for them, then their friends and family. This snowballed until it became clear Margaret needed to spread the love on a much larger scale. Nadarra Cosmetics was born. We could not be more proud. The feedback so far has been so positive and loving. We are hugely grateful.
 Our Motto is 'Simple, Beautiful, Better'
We use simple recipes, made using only the best quality organic ingredients, letting the ingredients shine. Each ingredient has their own amazing properties and benefits for the skin.
We hand make in small batches to ensure quality. We only want the be best to go out to our customers. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if people are not happy. That is how much we believe in our products.
Sometimes ingredients cannot be sourced as organic, for example, frankincense essential oil. This is because the trees grow in the wild.              
Beautiful ingredients make beautiful products, that leave your skin feeling beautiful, soft and glowing with health. Which make you feel beautiful, or handsome.
We believe this care and consideration, with a huge dollop of love, makes our products some of the best out there.
Our products do not contain stabilisers, fillers, alcohol, preservatives or animal products. They are vegetarian friendly. We are working on a vegan line so everyone can happily enjoy.
We only sell products we love. This is truly important to us.
Our Philosophy
Nadarra is the celtic word for natural. We value our world around us. We only get one planet. We work hard to ensure our impact on the earth is as small as possible.
Here at Nadarra Cosmetics our aim is to be as sustainable as possible. Our products have to be good for us, good for the people who make the ingredients and have minimum impact on the environment. 
To achieve this we aim to buy high quality organic products to make sure the people who make our delicious ingredients get a fair price.
Recycling is key. Everything that can be recycled is, it is that simple.
When it comes to our packaging the question was glass or non BPA plastic.
This was tricky.
We looked at recyclability, energy used to make and recycle, ship-ability and cost.
Here at Nadarra we came to the conclusion that plastic is the way to go - for now. It takes less energy to make and recycle than glass. Plastic is more readily and easily recycled. Being lighter weight it takes less energy and cost to transport. It also does not smash, so your new yummy product gets to you in good condition. (When testing a high percentage of the glass jars smashed in transit from the suppliers.)
We ask you reuse your empty pots (send us pictures of the most inventive ideas), then recycle them.
No Testing on Animals
We don't. The end. As animal lovers (we have 3 cats!!) we could not even think of it.
We test them on ourselves first. If they pass that test our lucky, honest and patient friends and family test them next.
The winning products are then sent to be chemically tested and authorised as per EU regulations. All our products abide by EU rules and regulations for cosmetic production and supply.
Quality and safety are hugely important to us.
We advise any products with essential oils should be avoided by children and pregnant women. Just in case. Though if you check with the GP and they say ok....great, enjoy!
When all that has been done it is time to let you enjoy them.
Please feel free to contact us to let us know what you think, click on the 'Contact Us' page and say hi.