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Top Tip- Relieve that bunged up nose.

February 15, 2017

Top Tip- Relieve that bunged up nose.

Hello, continuing our series of top tips to use essential oils and reduce the chemicals in your life I thought I would share my top tip for decongestant.

As an osteopath, in winter I have large numbers of patients come in with coughs and colds. I often advise them what I do to help with the sinus congestion and copious snot production.

I use essential oils. Specifically either organic eucalyptus oil or the rather amazing Breath Easy organic essential oil blend by NHR Essential Oils (Based in Brighton and a supplier of high quality organic essential oils).

How do I use them....
During the day I pop a couple of drops on my top or a scarf near my face so the vapours clear my sinuses and often my lungs as I get a bit asthmatic with colds.
In a hot bath, pop 5-7 drops into the running bath and soak yourself. Breathing in the steam and oils helps clear everything and the heat relaxes you too.
A bowl of hot water with 5-7 drops of oils in. Lean over the bowl, cover your head with a (clean) towel or sheet and breathe in the vapours. Be careful as is can make you light headed, so just breathe normally.
At night I put 2 drops on either edge of my pillow. So it does not matter which way I face I can still breathe in the vapours to clear my sinuses and sleep better.

An extra Top Tip is to reduce the red nose effect from having to blow it so often. Use the Nadarra lip balm on the end of your nose and under it, where it gets red raw. The moisturising part will nourish the sore skin and the wax helps act as a barrier next time you blow. 

(Please avoid putting the oil direct onto the skin as it can cause irritation. If pregnant, congratulations, but please check before using essential oils, just incase.)

I have even used these oils for my cats (at the advice of my vet) when my cat had a cold. Yes cats get colds and they are snotty and sneezy and grumpy with it. A bit like humans.

Of course please be careful, if you are poorly talk to your pharmacist or doctor. They are the experts. This is just what helps me and the people I know.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blogs, we hope you enjoyed them.

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