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We are Back - Thank You for your patience

Top Tip - Herbal Honey

September 25, 2017

Top Tip - Herbal Honey

Jars of home made herbal honeyHello.

This week we have been asked to do a Top Tip on herbal honey.

We mentioned that we had made some herbal honey last week. As a few people have got in touch to ask how we did it we thought we would share.
Now we are not experts at this! We did some research and went with the easiest method. There are some methods where you can heat it but this one seems to work.

For the best health benefits use local raw honey. Full of raw, antibacterial, immune boosting, hay fever reducing goodness. You also support local bee keepers who are amazing. But normal honey will do as well.

(Please note at this point some people should not have honey. Children and pregnant women should avoid honey.)

To make herbal

honey - take 2-3 teaspoons of dried herbs. Add them to the jar of honey. Seal tightly. Add a label saying what it is and when you did it. Turn the honey over a few times to mix gently.
Pop the jar in a warm, dark and dry place. Every day turn the jar over. Make sure the lid is tightly closed!! This stuff is sticky!!!
You can start enjoying after a week apparently. We cheated and tried it earlier. So yummy!!

The best things to do is to strain out the herbs from the honey after a week or two depending on how strong you want the taste. Some muslin or a clean pair of tights will do fine as a filter. Make sure what you pour it into is sterile.

Then label and enjoy. You can try it over yogurt, fruit, roasted parsnips, in smoothies or tea. Or just off the spoon.

We have done a lavender one. Wow. So good! A sage one, slightly medicinal flavour but apparently great for sore throats. A thyme, bay and rosemary one, really lovely and subtle flavours, good for anti inflation and anti viral. It will also be fab on roasted parsnips. The last one is elderberry. This is very fruity. Apparently good for the immune system.
But you can use all sorts, even fruit.
Have a go and let us know your favourites.

They make lovely gifts. The lavender one especially. Pop it in a sterile jar, fancy label and a personal handmade gift for a loved one is ready. Some friends will be getting them from us for Christmas this year for sure.  

If you keep the honey in a dark place it should last at least 6 months. Be aware though that as you have added herbs it can go off. So make sure you eat it long before then. We are certain ours won't last that long. 

A second Top Tip for those who grow your own herbs like we do.
To dry them quickly you can use a microwave....yes, a microwave!
Pop the fresh herbs between 2 pieces of kitchen towel on a plate. Into the microwave for 1 min. Then add 15 seconds at a time until they are dry. Super simple.

We hope you found this enjoyable.
Thank you for reading and please feel free to ask questions and say hi.

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