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Top Tip - Ant repellent

Hi. Top Tip Time!

Now spring is truly here, so are the bugs. We seem to be inundated with ants this year  I counted 32 nests in my garden this morning. Eek!

So here are some tips to dissuade our 6 legged friends without poison. That means child and pet friendly.


Tip 1- peppermint oil, mix 20 drops of peppermint oil into half a litre of water in a spray pot. Then spray the edges of the home, window and door frames and anywhere else they may get in. You can also use this to wipe down walls, floors and surfaces they are using to walk on. It disrupts their pheromones which act as a road map for them.

Tip 2 - baby powder, sprinkle as a barrier that they will not pass. Apparently it is too sharp for them to walk over.

Tip 3 - mix half and half vinegar and water to repel ants. Spray along where they walk and they will soon stop coming back.

Tip 4 - citrus, while citrus smells great to us, not so much to ants. You can try using citrus oils (lemon etc) mixed with water as a spray or citrus peel placed near where they are coming in to repel them.


So I wish you an ant free home this spring.


Thank you for reading our ant Top Tip.



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