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Spend over £30 and we will pay your postage and packaging to the UK (we also post to Europe)

Keeping it Simple Stupid

September 12, 2017

Keeping it Simple Stupid

Keep it simple stupid or kiss for short is a common sales phrase. But we find it applies equally well to every day life.

We have recently returned from an amazing holiday on one of the Greek islands where the simple beauty of kiss was abundantly clear. Be warned, this blog may make you hungry.

The island's soil is very fertile, so most of the food they grow is naturally organic. It also doesn't have far to travel to the shops and restaurants, so is picked and eaten within days. Making it the most beautiful fresh food We have ever eaten. But the way they prepare and present their food is so simple, so beautiful and so delicious it is inspirational.
A simple salad of fresh tomatoes, fresh cucumber, a drizzle of local olive oil (all organic), a pinch of seasoning. Voila, you have the juiciest, most delicious salad ever. All the ingredients shine and compliment each other. It is not fussy, it is not over the top. Just beautiful, healthy and delicious.
The fish was also out of this world. Usually caught that morning. Simply grilled with that delicious local organic olive oil. A little seasoning. Then eat next to the sea it came from.

It was elegant simplicity. Truly keeping it simple stupid.

This is something we understand here at Nadarra. When we were trying to come up with the perfect recipes for our products we found that the simpler the recipe, the better. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for the amazing skin care properties it has, not how much bulk it can make, or how cheap it is. Each ingredient carefully sourced to ensure the best quality end product. It is then all carefully hand blended together in small batches to ensure quality.

We like to keep things simple here. Because we believe that creates simple, beautiful, better products.

We hope you agree.

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