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Spend over £30 and we will pay your postage and packaging

Always read the label!

December 30, 2017

Always read the label!

I want you to imagine the scene.

It is Christmas Day. The presents have been opened, a little fizz has been drunk. The beautiful meal you have spent hours creating is on the dinner table. You are surrounded by family, life is good. 

Everyone is excited and grabs the Christmas crackers to pull. They are such pretty crackers. Chosen as they are pretty. Then everyone pulls with a Big Bang. Brilliant. Lots of happy expectant smiles.

Except when everyone looks for their hat, silly toy and terrible joke....they are not there.

Confused I finally look at the label on the packet. They are fill your own crackers. Ops. I had not realised and therefore they were unfilled. Doh!

I laughed so hard at myself that everyone else joined in, the food was delicious and everyone had fun without a plastic moustache or fish. 

But here is the thing, it was reading labels that got us into making skincare products in the first place. We were so horrified at the chemicals in the ones we could find, we ended up making our own organic, beautiful and simple products. Which has now lead to our huge adventure of sharing them with you. 

So next time I will read the label. Who knows what adventure it will lead me done next. Cosmetic filled crackers anyone?


We hope you had a fabulous festive season. See you in the new year! Xx

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