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"I've been on the search for natural, organic alternatives to the mainstream cosmetics for a while now, so I was delighted to find Nadarra. The hand cream, body butter and face moisturiser are all lovely to use, smell gorgeous, leave my skin nourished and very (very!) happy, and without a chemical nasty in sight. Definitely what I was hoping to find, and will continue to both use myself and gift to friends and family."


I have always suffered from an early age with eczema and since then it has always been something I am consistently aware of. I may not always have flare ups, however, I am always conscious about foods and products that may cause me to get one. This is where these products have been a great addition to my daily lifestyle. I love the fact they are completely organic, use ingredients that have purposes and I don't have to worry about any negative reactions. In fact my skin has really improved since using them. It feels more hydrated, some scars have disappeared and overall it feels healthier and smoother. I would 100% recommend these products even if you don't suffer from a skin condition.


I love all the products I have tried. The body butter smells divine and it's the only body moisturiser I have used after holidaying in sunny climes that prevents my skin drying and peeling when I get home. With all products, a little goes a long way and am a huge fan of this range of natural skincare.


I have been using the lavender face cream for two weeks now as my face skin had become very dry and I had never found anything else that I liked and worked as well as this. I love the perfume as its not too overpowering. As you use such a small amount it is very good value and I shall certainly keep on using it.


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